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Big Sean and Kendall at Coachella 2014



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OMG, I just went on twitter and this was at the top of my News Feed. I love Drake Bell!

It’s so funny how even after Drake was humiliated, he continues to talk shit on social media like a 15 year old girl in high school. Honestly he needs to grow some balls and pick on someone his own age or may be not pick on anyone at all.(if that wasn’t already the obvious choice) Also the fact that this stupid ass had the nerve to screen shot the tweet and be proud of it is just disgusting to me because the things Drake has said to justin on twitter are in no way a joke. He’s a bully. He’s 29 acting like 15. It’s all jealousy and it’s sad as fuck. Let him concentrate on his own bankrupt bank account and his new flop album that he’s clearly hating on Justin to get publicity for. Although Justin probably doesn’t give a shit about this low life, the fact that people praise what Drake Bell is doing is so damn hypocritical and just disgusting as hell. It’s not funny. People need to realize that although there isn’t a direct consequence to their actions, they are still being incredibly indignant and stupid to a damn 20 year old who’s never done anything to them personally. Justin is living his life and although he’s making mistakes, he’s learning from them and trying to be a better person. Bullying him is not going to do shit but tear him down when he’s trying to right his wrongs. I don’t know what Drake Bell’s problem was in the first place when he’s never even met Justin in his life. He’s just a bitter idiot trying to get publicity off hating on someone 9 years younger than him.

Okay, first of all, don’t call me a “stupid ass”! I am 19 years old and a sophomore in college. You are probably just a little girl who admires Justin and just think he’s a god. Well, to you maybe. But Drake Bell has been an idol for everyone my age. I bet if I went around asking people on my campus, everyone would pick Drake over Justin. Drake is someone who still has a career after all these years after performing on amazing shows like, The Amanda Show and Drake & Josh. But you probably don’t remember those shows, do you? That’s why I support Drake, he’s a great role model and still has a career to this day. Justin did great in the beginning, but with all the bad stuff he’s got into lately, like I don’t know, GETTING ARRESTED, he has lost respect of a lot of people, including other celebrities. I am sure Drake isn’t the only one who hates him, trust me. So you see, I am a mature adult and I respect people who make good decisions. Justin hasn’t made good decisions lately, so I lost respect for him. Drake, no matter how small his career gets, will always have people’s respect and love, because of who he was and who he is. So, don’t go calling me a ‘stupid ass’ cause I am probably years older than you and way smarter than you.

I’m 18 years old hun and I’m graduating in a month. I don’t have to be a little girl to be a fan of Justin and to realize bullying when I see it. It’s ok to lose respect for someone but calling them untalented and basically telling them they are a shitty person over social media is not ok. Especially when the person has done nothing to them personally. and no I don’t think Justin is a ‘God’. I have my own religion. You know what Drake is doing is not cool at all and yet you support it. Justin is almost 10 years younger than him and he’s acting like a child using social media to talk shit to him. Drake didn’t start saying shit to him after he was arrested either. It was way before. Every journalist in Hollywood who has seen what Drake has been saying to Justin on social media says that Drake Bell is immature and a bully. Also what career does he have? He went bankrupt last month. Please know what you’re saying before you say it. Listen to yourself. Yes, Justin was arrested and what he did was stupid but he’s trying to build himself back up and he doesn’t need people he doesn’t even know tearing him down. Anyone who has every met Justin says he’s a very sweet and down to earth person. Whether it’s a celeb or a fan. He tries to be as nice as he can and Drake is very lucky justin is mature enough not to say anything back to him because its IMMATURE to fight on social media and Drake being almost 30 should know that. Even Aaron Carter apologized because he realized what he said to Justin without knowing hims is wrong as hell. Don’t encourage bullying just because you don’t like Justin.